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Celebrating the Heroism and Inspirational Journey of Chris Maliszewski

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Inspirational Speaker and Heroic Survivor

Highland Park, IL – We are excited to present the press kit for Chris Maliszewski, a true hero, inspirational speaker, and beacon of hope, love, and strength. With a powerful message born from personal experiences, Chris captivates audiences worldwide, leaving them inspired, motivated, and ready to face their own challenges head-on.


About Chris Maliszewski:

Chris Maliszewski is an exceptional individual whose life has been marked by moments of heroism and resilience. In his role as Co-Chair of July 4, 2022, Highland Park, IL Independence Day Parade, Chris's selfless acts during a mass shooting saved lives and inspired a community. Since then, he has become a symbol of strength, dedicated to the recovery and well-being of those affected. Chris's story is one of triumph over adversity, love, and unwavering determination.


Heroism and Community Dedication:

Chris's heroic actions during the Highland Park tragedy have garnered widespread recognition. Working alongside law enforcement for over seven hours, he demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and worked tirelessly to rescue staff and evacuate public areas. His selflessness and quick thinking embody the true spirit of a hero.


Inspirational Speaking:

Chris's life experiences and powerful message of hope, love, and strength make him an outstanding inspirational speaker. He has captivated audiences at conferences, corporate events, and community gatherings, leaving a lasting impact on individuals from all walks of life. With authenticity and vulnerability, Chris shares his personal journey of resilience and recovery, encouraging others to find their own strength within.


The message of Hope and Resilience:

Chris's inspiring speeches touch upon the profound themes of hope, resilience, and overcoming adversity. Drawing from his personal experiences, he encourages audiences to embrace their challenges, face them head-on, and find the strength to move forward. Chris's message is a powerful reminder that we all have the capacity to rise above life's obstacles and create positive change in ourselves and our communities.


Areas of Expertise:


  • Resilience and bouncing back from trauma

  • Building strong communities through compassion and support

  • Overcoming adversity and finding inner strength

  • Mental health awareness and destigmatization

  • Personal growth and transformation

  • Leadership and teamwork


Chris's Story on our Podcast


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