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Todd Blyleven

"Inspirational Speaker"

"Heroic Survivor & Inspiring Speaker, sharing lessons of resilience, hope, & love in the face of adversity."

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Inspirational Speaker and Heroic Survivor


Todd Blyleven is a remarkable individual who has overcome unimaginable adversity and emerged as an inspirational figure. With his gripping story of heroism and a lifelong journey filled with lessons of hope, love, and strength, Todd has become a highly sought-after speaker, captivating audiences worldwide.


Heroic Survivor and Advocate for Resilience:

Todd's story centers around his survival of the tragic Las Vegas Mass Shooting on October 1, 2017. On that fateful night, as chaos unfolded, Todd fearlessly risked his life to ensure his family's safety before returning to the scene to rescue and protect the injured. His heroic actions saved countless lives and exemplify the true essence of bravery and selflessness.


Inspiring Message of Hope, Love, and Strength:

Todd's experiences have shaped him into a powerful motivational speaker, delivering a message that resonates deeply with individuals and communities. Through his compelling storytelling, he shares his journey of survival, faith, determination, and perseverance, providing invaluable insights on how to Walk Tall in the face of adversity.


Topics Covered:

  1. Overcoming Tragedy: Todd shares his personal account of surviving the Las Vegas Mass Shooting and the profound impact it had on his life. He delves into the emotions, challenges, and the transformative power of resilience.

  2. Building Love and Trust: Todd discusses the importance of cultivating love and trust within teams, workplaces, and personal relationships. He inspires individuals to foster supportive environments that nurture growth and connection.

  3. Mental Health and Seeking Help: Drawing from his own experiences, Todd addresses the significance of mental health and the importance of reaching out for support. He provides guidance on building resilience and finding strength in vulnerability.

  4. Work-Life Balance and Success: Todd opens up about his struggles with work-life balance and redefines the meaning of success. He encourages individuals to prioritize well-being, relationships, and personal fulfillment in pursuing a meaningful life.

  5. The Power of Approachability: Todd highlights the significance of approachability in personal and professional lives. He discusses creating an environment where others feel comfortable sharing their emotions and seeking support, fostering trust, empathy, and meaningful connections. Practical tips are provided for cultivating a culture of approachability, leading to improved mental health, enhanced teamwork, and stronger relationships.


Todd's Background:

Todd Blyleven grew up immersed in the world of Major League Baseball, following in the footsteps of his father, the legendary Bert Blyleven. He played professionally for the Angels, Pirates, and Brewers organizations before transitioning into a successful career as an MLB Scouting Supervisor for the Angels and Rockies. Todd's experiences in both sports and business have shaped his unique perspective and provided a rich backdrop to his engaging storytelling.

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A HOFer's son saved lives, changed his own

By Anthony Castrovince


August 24, 2021​

In the Three Rivers Stadium dugout, they gathered, yearning for spiritual insight and a baseball spark. It was mid-October 1979. The Pittsburgh Pirates were on the brink of elimination in the World Series, trailing the Baltimore Orioles three games to one, and their manager, Chuck Tanner, was mourning the death of his mother. So this weekly ritual of Sunday chapel service carried a deeper meaning for the squad that fashioned itself a family.

*Trigger Warning, the contents of this article and sounds and visuals on the video can trigger those with PTSD. Please watch with caution.

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